Good As Gold

The Good as Gold Club , Golden Corral’s guest community and rewards program, is a hit! Rewards are nothing new. You have likely seen punch cards, isolated coupon drops, or custom communications from other restaurant franchises, and from us. Others have done similar rewards programs in the past, but this program is new for Golden Corral as a system. And, it is an innovative idea and method of refining our focus of “Making pleasurable dining affordable for every guest, at every restaurant, every day.”

What is this program? Well, it is more than coupons – it is an enrollment into a community of Golden Corral Fans.

It is our continued commitment to develop a relationship with those who love to come dine with us.

It’s a way of saying thank you, while keeping communication open to be responsive to guest needs.

It is also an incentive for guests to keep choosing us for their dining needs.

It connects guests with one another as raving fans.

What makes this rewards program different for Golden Corral? We HAVE done coupons before. We HAVE done rewards before. We HAVE been in close communication with our guests. But what we have never done before is bundled it together, and rolled it out as a system. Every Golden Corral restaurant will honor these great deals.

Golden Corral works feverishly to serve our guests in a number of ways. This is yet another example of how Golden Corral uses innovation and ideation to take industry best practices and work together to give even more to our valued guests and fans. The program is simple and straight forward. Guests can sign up by filling out just a few pieces of information on the Good As Gold Club enrolment page (http://goldencorral.fbmta.com/members/UpdateProfile.aspx?Action=Subscribe&_Theme=4294967450&InputSource=communitypage).

Once enrolled, a Golden Corral guest receives a welcome surprise, will be honored with a gift for their birthday, and will get insider news about special events and promotions at Golden Corral via email. Leave it to Golden Corral to offer variety while catering specifically to guests needs; this email communication can also be specifically tailored for Seniors, families with young children, former or active duty military personnel, or groups!

Did you know Golden Corral started working with the VIA Agency this year? Read more about our advertising partnership here.

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