“Living a Dream”!

Billy Sewell always knew he wanted to be a business owner. Straight out of college, Billy got his first look at the Golden Corral system when he started with the company’s management training program. He worked his way up the management ladder, adding title after title, until he finally knew he was ready to take on the ultimate title – franchisee.

Billy says he’s been “living a dream” ever since he bought his first Golden Corral franchise in 1996. His goal was to own five locations. Eighteen years later, he now owns 28 Golden Corral franchises throughout North Carolina and the mid-Atlantic, and he’s still growing.

Billy says he continues to expand because his customer base continues to grow. He says there has always been, and always will be, a customer that desires a pleasurable dining experience at an affordable price. Golden Corral restaurants nationwide work tirelessly to provide consistently great food at a great price. He says you don’t see this level of commitment with other concepts.

“All of our competitors from 40 years ago through today are not the same,” he says. “We’ve grown. They have gone away in spades. Of all the other concepts that I’ve looked at, and even talking to other franchisees who have multiple concepts or other folks thinking about coming in, I have not found another concept that can give the same qualified and quantity of return on investment that you can get with a Golden Corral.”

Billy also appreciates the support he gets from Golden Corral. He says Golden Corral takes the word “parent” in parent company very seriously; the company is very involved and doesn’t let franchisees flounder and figure out the business on their own.  

“Golden Corral has a great variety of different inspectors, service consultants, as well as VPs who are interested in our stores,” he says. “They know our numbers and visit our stores very often. I feel like we have a very comforting level of support.”

Billy takes pride in some of the other core values of Golden Corral like charity and community. Growing up in a military town, Billy has seen the effects war can have on families, especially children. He looks forward to participating in the annual Camp Corral fundraiser that sends children of wounded military servicemen to free summer camp.

“It’s an amazing feeling when you realize your business has a purpose that is more than just about making money,” he says. “It’s about making a difference. Thanks to my involvement in Golden Corral, I’m able to do that every day in the lives of employees, customers and the communities we serve.”

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