Lance Trenary Interview on Bloomberg Radio

Golden Corral President and CEO Lance Trenary was a guest on the Bloomberg Markets AM program on Bloomberg Radio on May 24.  Trenary and the show’s host Lisa Abramowicz discussed Golden Corral’s new 7-Day Brunch service, changes in the casual dining experience and how restaurant chains are responding to consumer demand.

Here are some of the highlights of the interview.

On Golden Corral’s buffet concept being a perfect fit for brunch service:

“We’re so excited to launch brunch in our restaurants around the country.  With consumer demand for breakfast items so strong to be served throughout the day, brunch just seemed like a natural fit for Golden Corral.  Inherently, brunch is a buffet occasion and Golden Corral is positioned to deliver on this experience.”

On restaurants adapting to changing consumer preferences:

“At Golden Corral and other leading chains, we have to really focus on innovating and adapting to our customers’ desires.  In other words, finding new ways to deliver our experience to our guests.  That’s why brunch is so important to us and so many other things we are working on such as to-go meals and catering because the consumer is changing in the restaurant industry today.  There is still going to be people with good growth, but you are going to need to be a little bit more innovative and work harder to attract those customers.”

On Golden Corral’s customizable family dining experience:

“We’re really excited about the things Golden Corral can offer.  We can offer those home comfort foods such as our pot roast, our meat loaf, our fried chicken in a family setting that folks can take home and enjoy with their family on their own time schedules.”

On the popularity for consumers to enjoy brunch items during non-traditional breakfast hours:

“People aren’t eating as traditionally as they have in the past.  It used to be that 7:00 to 8:30 was your breakfast hour and lunch was 11:30 to 1:00.  That’s just not the way the consumers are taking in the restaurant business today.  They are experiencing different time schedules and different aspects of their own personal lives that cause them to eat at different times.  They still love breakfast items.  For Golden Corral, we are in a position to be able to offer a huge variety and abundance of product that our guests can get at non-traditional times.  That’s why I think brunch is such an important daypart for us and we are excited to launch it.”

The interview can be heard in its entirety HERE.

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